An interview: the inside story of system setting (part3)

The third episode for deepin interview is coming. This time, we will display the key part- deepin system setting.

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Compared to traditional way in DDE1.0, deepin system setting of the new distro has been altered to the window pop-out on the right side of the desktop, which means the deepin system setting can be available only by moving the mouse to the hotspot in the lower right corner. We will find it similar to the in smart phone. Based on the limited display-interface, the UI and UE from system module have been totally optimized in a new way. So users can enjoy the easy and handy operation with the function of multi-option setting.

(See next:deepin system setting2.0)DeepinScreenshot20140414163542

Apart from the changes in UI and UE, we will meet more hot demands on practical functions from our users, such as the Grub management, more powerful theme setting for individuals and so on. More importantly, many problems can be solved perfectly, such as the multi-screen display and network module. Please browse the video if you want to know more details.

If the video cannot be viewed, you can choose to open the webpage:

Video download:

Note: Since the development is continuing, some words have not been translated into Chinese and some display of the function cannot be viewed in time.

That’s all for today’s intro. We hope you enjoy the view and we’ll see you next around.

We sincerely appreciate our supporters for your constant concerns. Right now, haha, I just can’t wait to tell you that we will make great breakthrough in recent times.

As we all know, experience machine reports can be a long-term plan. It’s believed that Deepin will be optimized gradually as long as we insist on it.

More details about the dock and launcher of Linux Deepin 2014 will be shared in the next interview.

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