An interview: the inside story of login manager (part2)

Fist of all, we all appreciate the increasing support and concern from deepin users. Now the second report Deepin2014 experience machine is kicking off. This time we are going to introduce the first key appliance – login manager.

Although lightdm has still reserved as our default login manager, we have made great improvement on it in deepin2014. Next, we can just skip to our topics and enjoy the videos.

If the video cannot be viewed, you can choose to open the webpage :

At first, you will be attracted by our gorgeous login interface. Based on the fact that lightdm can support the HTML5, we have made the starry sky animation which will become our default wallpaper. In that way, a sense of grace and fashion can be revealed perfectly on the interface.
Then we only need to input the password of the account and finish the login after pressing the return key.


If there are no other desktop environments, our login manager will conceal the switch-option with default. However, if other desktop environments have been installed, you can click the selection-option to choose the different installed desktop environments.


For users’ convenience, they can just finish the operations under lock-screen, such as the suspension, restart, and shutdown and so on. This change has created a easy and simple way for our broad uses.


We can also complete the operations, such as the log-off, restart, suspension and lock-screen when users have logged in.

More importantly, we have pursued the integrity of the holistic style for operation interface. Though there are similarities and differences between the two kinds of shutdown operations above, we can distinguish them by switching the animation.

That’s all for today’s intro. We hope you enjoy the view and we’ll see you next around.

More details about the system configuration of Linux Deepin 2014 will be shared in the next interview.

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