An Interview: The Inside Story of Deepin2014 Experience Machine (Part1)

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Having prepared for so long, finally, news related to Deepin2014 experience machine is formally unveiled with the long-term expectation from our broad users. In this section, users can know about the display of unboxing and the installation of Deepin 2014 on the experience machine. Now, enjoy the previw-vedio.

DDE2.0, the on-development deepin desktop environment has been designed based on the absorption of technical experience of last distro. More powerful and steady back-end services will be guaranteed after replacing Go language with C language. At the same time, users can enjoy the quick-response and smooth desktop environment as a result of the DBus service.
What made Linux Deepin 2014 attract so much attention on earth? Let me tell you the secrets. This time, we adopted the brand-new, bold and innovative UI design rather than the conservative way.
First, the Dock was centered. Program-start icon and program-stocker can be seen on the Dock. In that case, it can be more easier for users to manage the operating program; Second, the system setting has been altered to the window pop-out on the right side of the desktop, which means the system setting can be available only by moving the mouse to the hotspot in the lower right corner; Third, the system module has been totally optimized in a new way. So users can enjoy the easy and handy operation with the function of multi-option setting.
At last, with the long-term-expectation, Deepin Talk will finally meet with Deepin Fans, the first step to achieve the service-connection for Linux Deepin. Besides, the wholly new Deepin Stereo will satisfy the users with the on-line video.
Deepin desktop environment 2.0, the most important part of Linux Deepin 2014, symbolized the hard work from Deepin desktop development group. Anyway, I would like to thank the entire team for all their dedication to the development of Linux Deepin 2014.
Xia Bin, the director of Deepin desktop development group, is versed in various programming language, such as C, JS, Python, Go and so on. In addition, he is regarded as the father of the development of Deepin desktop development based on his rich experience.
For the convenience of uses, the latest development progress and features of Linux Deepin2014 will be revealed on the a ultra- book which was bought to serve for the shooting plan on the experience machine specially.
Brief intro about the ultra- book:
Model: Acer S7-392
Processors: Core i5, a 4th generation series
Memory capacity: 8GB
Video card model: Intel GMA HD 4400
Hard disk: 128G, solid-state hard disk(Raid 0)
Default pre-installed system: Windows 8 64-bit
(Camera, wireless network card and Bluetooth also in it )
Based on the over-high-tech configuration of experience machine, solid-state hard disk array in the machine cannot be installed in the Deepin new distro temporarily. Don’t worry. We have invited Xia Bin, the internal ace, to help us to solve the problem.
We have successfully installed the Linux Deepin2014 to the experience machine after sweeping out the blocks. Apart from the intro above, we will bring more details in the follow-up reports. The design philosophy of Deepin 2014, the story of development and more profiles from our Deepin team will absolutely satisfy our fans curiosity.
Believe us, Linux Deepin 2014 will surprise you.
More details about Linux Deepin 2014 will be shared in the next interview.

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