Game picks from Deepin Game Center (28/03/14)

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now have you missed the venture-riddle games? There is , with fascinating contend, twisted plot, all you have to do is to leave no stone unturned to find the hidden truth and escape the town.


Cutting the lawn , sipping the drinks , taking a sauna ,and even taste delicious snacks, where , ooh, unexpected surprise is in lakeview-cabin.



Little Wheel
It is high time that you should bear the holy responsibility to save the Little-Wheel .you have to understand that electricity is their source of live.
If you want to review the Disney carton, this one, you can, absolutely , miss!


Detective Grimoire
We are eager to find the real murder. waiting, no way, come and be with Detective Grimoire, anyway, have a try!



everyone wants to live in a only world which belongs to our own. It is not a daydream. as long as you enter the evolving world , magic are sure to happen! With diversified elements ,no one can stop you to the ideal world.


Want to find a lovely friend ? a Negrillo ,peter, will be your choice. With his company ,it can be easier to reach the magic world?



Well. Cat may remind you of the super-cute faces, the game will not rack your mind but rest it with so soft music.